Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed in!

So i haven't been on for a few days,and i've got some new followers!Hellooooo!Thanks for tuning in.As we all know,i live in Cheyenne,WY where it snows!I'm sooo not used to this.Theres HELLA wind too.Not a good mix.So today i didn't go to school on behalf of those two elements.I was so nervous to drive to my school because of the risk for a potential accident so i was like eff it.My life and my safety are far more important.I had taken that picture yesterday,in our backyard.As you can see everything is covered with snow.All bad!But now its melting thank the lorrrd!It is terrible to drive in these conditions!

I just played housewife today,did some laundry and chilled.But on the bright side of things,i just made dinner for my babe and i.It goes down over here fashooooo!lol.I'm not really sure what to call this type of chicken,my dad taught me how to make it.Sazon Goya seasoning gives it the orange color.Its sooooooo bomb!Its good with everything,white rice,spanish rice,noodles whatev.

Tomorrow should be a better day..just wanted to leave a last picture of the snow i took from our bedroom window.It's beautiful though,no matter how much it gets on my nerves.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back in the days..

Man,this song brings back all those cali summers and all those cali days period.I miss those days SOOOO much.Carefree times when i didn't know about politics and all i worried about was playing outside and trying not to get sand in my hair.Going to the seaside childrens center.When i went to Marshall elementary,Manzanita elementary and Ord Terrace elementary.I remember fighting Eric Jacks when i found out he liked me.Yes i did it tri colors and high socks.Riding around for hours on my bike or roller blades,enjoying those rides in my stepmoms jeep listening to all the latest jams,"homie lover friend","one in a million","waterfalls","if you love me","no diggity","summertime","my boo".Going to see all my family at those infamous bbqs at laguna grande.Playing in the sprinklers in my one and 2 pieces.Going to the del monte skating rink and paddle boating near Dennis the menace park.Breaking down the butterfly and the tootsie roll because nobody could tell you nothing when you started.Those big nasty dookie braids and those crazy color adidas sweat suits and black power shirts and chains.Braids with hundreds of beads that weighed your head down and all the little white girls wanted to play with.Picture days where you practiced your smile for your parents before you went to school.Going to the monterey bay aquarium on fieldtrips.Knowing all the words to Friday,Dont be a menace,Boyz in the hood and Poetic justice and not letting mom know you knew all the My brother and me,gullah gullah island,darkwing duck,tale spin,in living color,living single,martin and all that.Playing at the park on judson st after watching the butlers play basketball in front of their house.The push cart ice cream man,and the infamous ice cream truck.Wanting to go to King middle school and be cool like Sarah,James,Marquita,Chantel,Rasheda,Cassie,Alexis,Deshawn,Michael,Shawanda,Brandon,Jojo,Nicole,Stacia,Kesha,Ej and all them.And wanting to be let in the boys and girls club.It used to be cracking back those sandwiches from Mels market and nations,and those pickles from food corner market.Senor Taco every sunday after church.The duck pond.When Fubu was hot and headbands and those tight cap with the swimming goggle glasses.Before we found out Tommy Hilfiger was a racist.Those swishy sweats that you had to wear something under because they were see through and when it rained you would get soaked.Those swishy jackets that you could zip into a pocket.The starter jackets.I had the steelers to church all the time and enjoying it,remember when me and Maxine were on the praise team Daja?lol.Writing on my hand with those gel ink pens..i had the biggest crush on Deshawn Lee,who didn't back then though?Wanting to go to Seaside high and do all the "older kid" things.Walking down Broadway to Cork & bottle and getting 25cent now and laters.Loving going to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and the once a year Disneyland trips with my family from Seattle.The trips to san jose and redwood city to see my abuela,bis abuela,primos and tias.I need to get my pictures sent here from my dad!When there were 4 of us instead of just 3..Life was great back then,I remember way back when...back in the day,back in the day..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2nd day of school

Today was better than yesterday.WAAAAAAAAAY better.I made it on time to my 1st class which was at 8.And i found my english was done with school at 950 so i came home and just knockd out w/my babe.I made steak fried rice for dinner which i am about to try..and i know will be bomb..lolTried to get a good picture..but procrastinating about doing my homework but im going to get on that one right!and add the diligentz..i LOVE them.They are a bay area group ive been a fan of since about late '06,they inspired my punk rock wardrobe for my senior year lol..

Throwback pic of the gentz..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 of the worst days..i swear!

So,today shouldve been quite a joyous day all around considering we have a new president but it wasn't.For starters,it was my 1st day of school and i was pretty excited,not too much but enough to say i was.My 1st class was at 9 which was fine with me,so i proceeded to get ready and go to school..i was running on cp that doesn't make matters worse,i couldnt find the class and it was only 50 minutes long.Im not very familiar with the campus quite yet and i had no map so you could imagine my frustration.I went to about 3 different building and 3 different parking lots until i was so pissed that i just gave up,there were only about 5 minutes left of the class anyway.My next class was at 11 so i just decided to go home and chill for a bit.I get home and im laying in bed with Ron wishing i could just stay that way,until i realized it was time to go back.I had to get gas before going back,so i left base and headed to the closest gas station,which was past my original exit for school on the highway.I got gas and i see there is a sign for school so i decide to take an alternate route and help familiarize myself with the area.I started to run late for class though so i started speeding a little,i didn't really notice but whatever.I get a phone call from one of Angelos friends just as a i see a cop behind me.Next thing i know,the lights start flashing..i was like "oh shit,im gettin pulled over,ima hit u back".Mind you i was RIGHT in front of the school.I could've walked from where i was at.Anyway,the officer asks for my info i give it to him.Hes takin forever to give me back my shit so i start getting antsy.Why the hell this man give me a ticket????I was PISSED!I asked if i could get a warning or something,because i had never been on this road before and i was running late for class and had just moved here.No sympathy,so now i have a $150 ticket.UGH!!!We get a black president and i get a ticket.hmmm.You know the officer was white.To make matters even worse,i still had to find my 11oclock class and i ended up 40 minutes late because of that incident.The class ended at 1215 so i didn't get much learning in.I only made it on time to my last class.And then the day was FINALLY over.So i came home ate and smoked hookah,read a little for 1 of my classes and watched clips from the inauguration.Tomorrow will hopefully be better..PLEASE!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yet another day..

Last night and yesterday period,i was just feeling sick.Worrying about Angelo,i just dont want anything bad to happen to him.But who wishes ill upon their siblings.I just hope that my mom can pull together and not let it bet the best of her.Shes such a strong woman,after all shes endured in such a short time.Prayer daily has kept her strength.

It always seems as if when i start school something tragic happens in my life.I got married 6 days before i started school last semester,and about 2 weeks after school began i lost my older brother.Now i here i am ready to start school again and this incident has come up with Angelo.All i can do is keep the faith and hope all goes well.I'll join my family when the time is right.Last night wasn't so bad though.To take my mind off of things,my husband and a mutual friend of ours went to Colorado and bought a hookah.We had been talking about it for sometime yet hadnt went and got one.Well now we have one.We have an 09 pic but it wasn't on point

hookah '07-florida
hookah '08-Cali

When we got home i made dinner for the 3 of us,it actually turned out to be 4 of us because another friend came by.I made spanish rice and chicken again,no pictures again!lol.We had a nice time.My mind was off of the matter for that time..yet here i am again.[sigh...]

Friday, January 16, 2009

1 hell of a week

this week has had its ups and downs.i try not 2 get 2 personal but at times it twin brother is currently incarcerated..i wont go into detail about his case.But the police bust down my aunts door 2 days ago and got him,he had a warrant,yet they didnt have a warrant 2 come search the house.Crooked crackers!FCUK EM FCUK EM FCUK EM!cali police be doin ppl guys have seen the videos.His ex is pinning hella charges on him and got my name all up in the mix..shit is just crazy...the life i live boy i tell u.everyone please keep him in your prayers,as well as my family.My mom is going through alot and stressin,i lost my older brother 3 months ago and now this,but i will dedicate a later blog to him. All i gotta say is free my brother!!!!

R.I.P James..I love and miss you,please watch over us in this time.


Oooh and todays episode of the infamous maury show had a,the woman was 28 and the man was 19 and they had been together 2 yrs.They had not 1 but 2 girls together.He was a stand up man and was down for them..which is hard to find these days.Well she brought him to the show to burst his bubble.He already knew there was a chance their 1st daughter wasnt his but what he didnt know was that she had been cheating on him with his FRIEND and didnt know whether or not he was the father of their 2nd daughter.Hmmm.Poor man.Well after revealing her secrets he told her he would stay by her side and take care of the girls and just work on them because he loved them.Test results come back,he is NOT the father of either girl.He was so hurt "why she gotta do me like that man??".But he was still willing to put all that aside for those 2 girls and his lady.At the end of the show they showed an update.She was ALONE raising her 2 daughters because oh boy bounced.He was a good man that got played,best of luck to him wherever he is!She needs to learn her lesson.Way to many people get on the maury show and make a mockery of themselves.Parading around like children debating the paternity of their kids.What ever happened to using contraceptives??Who ever said it was okay to sleep with 20 men around the time 1 child was concieved needs to be shot.Its not cute and its not acceptable,yet it is the fate of America.The worst part is its not even teenagers,its grown ass women and men who cant keep their damn legs closed to save their lives!!GROW UP people.Their kids deserve better.Now im just waiting for ron to bring back my damn chapstick!uuugh.He shouldnt have left the house with it,i swear by it!


Its friday!Its friday!Big ups 2 dj prostyle who i have had the pleasure to hear numerous times in Orlando,FL at club Roxy!Im feeling ALOT better today.Thanks to everyone that was concerned.Ive been pretty productive so far and its only 2:00.I woke up bright and early this morning and headed straight for the school i will soon be attending,as of Tuesday.I took my placement exams as well as spoke with a counselor.I got all my classes scheduled and got my books.I got a voucher,thank the lord!Otherwise i would've been paying $431.14.That is wayyy out of my budget,especially since im on the prowl for a job still.I just started looking but i mean heeyyy.So Ron and I got quite a bit of things last night for groceries,he was hella mad because we spent a little over his budget.He will be aiiite,mama knows what shes i hope we can go see NO NO NO NOTORIOUS!If we dont catch that we will go ahead and go rollerskating with some other people.Its not like theres too much to do in Wyoming,especially for the colored STILL looking for somewhere to get my hair done!!AAAH!Ill probably be back on later to give an update of my plans for tonight,including what dinner will be.=]

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Im not feeling so hot.My stomach has been acting up..Not a good look.Im watching soul plane for now while im downstairs but right after i post this im heading upstairs to lay down.Ron should be home shortly,once he gets here we are going to go grocery shopping.Thank the Lord!!lol.Its much needed.My back is starting to hurt..uuggh.Maybe ill get back on and post later or tomorrow,ill have alot more to talk about then.And that right there to the right is a drunk picture of me from last

Thursday night

Im currently peeping beyonces video "halo"..daja did you know they have a video for this?I dont quite get why in her romantic videos she never has her husband in them.Hmmm.Thats a good question.The song seems nice though..i think i might have to dedicate this one to my husband..=].Heeeey jessica!Girl i really appreciate the other day STILL.And girl why did her MAN txt me last night?We got into it..It was a mess.Why must i deal with these people?This is just one loooooong weeek.I just happend to catch that "diva" video as well.Beyonce has some spunk in that one!You go girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


ok well here we go.Thanks daja for having me peep yours.this actually seems pretty cool.Today has been a normal day for me.Just chilled at home,made some business calls and cooked dinner.Caught my shows,1st 48 and BGC.I really expected more out of the show but whatever.Amber is an instigator and needs to sit down somewhere.I was laughing a bit about a thought of mine i had about someone who thought they could hurt my feelings with their childish antics..GROW UP!I hope to see more of this website and check out other peoples blogs.=]