Monday, April 6, 2009

Sucker for sales + wknd

This weekend was filled with an interesting time!Friday,a blizzard came and we were pretty much snowed in..the snow was outrageous!I busted my ass twice going home from my friends drunk..12.-15 shots..WHOOOO!I got my hair done at J.C. penny's and bought a few mizani products..i didn't take pictures but i love their products!I also ordered some Torani syrup offline which i use for Italian sodas!YAYE ME!Sunday was a chill day and on to the events of today..

I got my foot tattoo touched up,i meant to only get 2 of the letters redone and a word corrected but my tat artist decided to do some background shading..i took it well until it was all foot was in some serious pain!Its swollen and throbbing..i'll put pics up when it heals..SOOOO..on to the sales!

I was in the mall with my friend Lisa and we stumbled across Bath & Body Works..i saw a sale sign so i had to walk in!Home Sprays for $3!I decided to get 3,

Wild Honeysuckle

Sandalwood Vanilla

Passionfruit Guava

along with a new fragrance that's about to come out,White Citrus..the small bottle of lotion was $1!

Then off to Vickie's Secret we went!I went to see what was on sale and i saw a 3 for $24 sale which they usually have and i got:

Romantic Wish body spray

Sweet temptation body spray

Endless Love Shower Gel

If you spend at least $10 you recieve a card with a secret reward amount on it,in the amount of either $10,$50,$100 or $500,the offer ended today and the cards can be use from April 7th until May 10th..i hope i get lucky with a high amount!!!!

These are the cards..i have 2 because i went back to the store later on and bought more stuff!lol

Lisa and I had went back and i saw a 75%off bin!I went crazy!I got 5 things,for only $10!!

Romantic Wish Shower Gel

Forever Romance Shower Gel

Pure seduction shower Gel

Enchanted Apple body spray

Midnight Mimosa body spray

Hurry and get to your local V.S before all the goodies run out!I'm going to check those cards tomorrow to see what i have to spend!

Long overdue..

Its been a minute since i got on here and wrote anything that would catch anyone's attention lol. I FINALLY got my package from the contest i won from Lipstick and candy cigarettes.THANKS!It came on Friday..i got quite a bit!I would've uploaded the pics earlier but i got drunk on Friday night and lost my camera in the snow,=( there was a bit of a blizzard over the weekend snow up to my KNEES!..luckily it was found today!

Queen Collection
-Light bronze bronzer

-sheer espresso foundation

-black currant lipstick

-wetslicks amazemint

Eucerin Original moisturizing creme

Phillip B
-Lovin leave in conditioning cream

-African shea butter shampoo

Banana Republic Rosewood Perfume

Stila Kitten Eyeshadow

Dreamlife bouquet by Avon

Kiss my face Natural Mineral Color

-Amethyst Lipgloss

-Topaz Lipgloss

-Pearl Lipgloss

-Amethyst Chapstick

-Topaz Chapstick


-Candyshop lip gloss in candy fix

-Natural radiance blusher in glow

-eye shadow brush

-super glossy lip shine w/spf 15 in candlelight


-Covergirl toasted kernesse

MK signature

-creme lipstick

-cheek color duet

M Lab

-Anti aging blemish control

-Anti aging day treatment

Friday, March 27, 2009


As we all know who haven't been living under a rock,Keri Hilson's cd dropped on Tuesdayyy!I have been waiting for this cd to drop since '06!I've loved her music since i first heard her."Love Ya" was on my myspace idk how many of her old stuff isn't on the cd though but she doesn't disappoint.But def need to cop it!Shes a hit maker!
I've also had Nicki Minaj in heavy rotation..she goes HARD!Its nice to have a female rapper coming hard like that.Especially on the YME label.Not saying other female rappers haven't come out hard in the past but i like how blunt she is and real.I've seen a few of her interviews and i'm diggin her swag,her and my mindset are alot alike..peep her though!
Enough on the music tip,the weather here is bananas and changes all the freakin time!UGH!There was a snow storm yesterday so i was for sure posted in the house!lol.I had a nice healthy lunch yesterday though..since i'm on my healthy kick!Teriyaki chicken,3 cheese tortellini with roasted alfredo sauce and tomatoes and a bay leaf spinach salad with raspberry vinagerette.YUMMY!

I'm really seriously going to devote myself to a super strict diet and eating plan and workout schedule,i got my ticket for my cousins grad in Seattle today so i'm juiced about that!I'm giving myself until the middle of may to be the size i want to be,because i'm going to get yet another tat and then i head out 2 seattle in june!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Decided school wasn't for me BAD!I did in turn go to the gym though and worked out for well over an hour.I need to be doing that like everyday!!Eating right and all that.GOTTA get the body right,its a MUST!I will def post pics up once i finish this transition.Also,my prize is going to be on its way tomorrow..i'm SOOOOO excited!

Monday, March 23, 2009

babyyy i'ma winner!

So i noted in an earlier blog about Ashley's giveaway..and how i had wanted to win.Well i DID!YAAAAYE!I'll be waiting for my package to arrive shortly..i'm so JUICED!I wonder what i'm going to get!!!

Other news..tmobile is trippin,my fne is having issues.Apparently theres some sort of "data service error".My phone hasn't had signal for the internet in over 6 hrs..UGH!And on top of that,the beautiful weather we were having is gone.It snowed on and off today until it decided it wanted to storm..thats wyoming for ya!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Saturday pt.2

So,we ended up going to Hooters..hmm..I wasn't feeling it.I've heard alot about their wings being sooo good and all that,i beg to differ.I could rant on and on about what was wrong there but i'm not even going to go into detail.I did take a few pics though!Lol
Ron looks all

As we were leaving the sun was setting and it was beautiful so i had to take a quick pic and off to some nearby outlets we went!

After a nice day in Colorado we headed out to the movies so i snapped a few shots while i freshened up my makeup and hairI had on my HELLO KITTY robe Rai, on Lique?ooh yes!I decided i might as well put some on,its only every blue moon that i do..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beautiful Saturday!

Today is so beautiful out!Ron and I and two of our friends are heading out to Colorado today to go eat.I'm happy about that!Its either Red Robin or Hooters,i've never been to Hooters but I lalalalaloooove Red'll be posting pics later,i also dyed my hair last night,went back to dark.Once i do something to it i'll post some pics up.I also have a new follower,hellooo thanks for following!Well g2g be back later w/ pics and how the day went!