Friday, March 27, 2009


As we all know who haven't been living under a rock,Keri Hilson's cd dropped on Tuesdayyy!I have been waiting for this cd to drop since '06!I've loved her music since i first heard her."Love Ya" was on my myspace idk how many of her old stuff isn't on the cd though but she doesn't disappoint.But def need to cop it!Shes a hit maker!
I've also had Nicki Minaj in heavy rotation..she goes HARD!Its nice to have a female rapper coming hard like that.Especially on the YME label.Not saying other female rappers haven't come out hard in the past but i like how blunt she is and real.I've seen a few of her interviews and i'm diggin her swag,her and my mindset are alot alike..peep her though!
Enough on the music tip,the weather here is bananas and changes all the freakin time!UGH!There was a snow storm yesterday so i was for sure posted in the house!lol.I had a nice healthy lunch yesterday though..since i'm on my healthy kick!Teriyaki chicken,3 cheese tortellini with roasted alfredo sauce and tomatoes and a bay leaf spinach salad with raspberry vinagerette.YUMMY!

I'm really seriously going to devote myself to a super strict diet and eating plan and workout schedule,i got my ticket for my cousins grad in Seattle today so i'm juiced about that!I'm giving myself until the middle of may to be the size i want to be,because i'm going to get yet another tat and then i head out 2 seattle in june!


  1. I gotta get that CD!!
    Did you get your prize yet? lol
    I wanna see what you got!!