Monday, April 6, 2009

Long overdue..

Its been a minute since i got on here and wrote anything that would catch anyone's attention lol. I FINALLY got my package from the contest i won from Lipstick and candy cigarettes.THANKS!It came on Friday..i got quite a bit!I would've uploaded the pics earlier but i got drunk on Friday night and lost my camera in the snow,=( there was a bit of a blizzard over the weekend snow up to my KNEES!..luckily it was found today!

Queen Collection
-Light bronze bronzer

-sheer espresso foundation

-black currant lipstick

-wetslicks amazemint

Eucerin Original moisturizing creme

Phillip B
-Lovin leave in conditioning cream

-African shea butter shampoo

Banana Republic Rosewood Perfume

Stila Kitten Eyeshadow

Dreamlife bouquet by Avon

Kiss my face Natural Mineral Color

-Amethyst Lipgloss

-Topaz Lipgloss

-Pearl Lipgloss

-Amethyst Chapstick

-Topaz Chapstick


-Candyshop lip gloss in candy fix

-Natural radiance blusher in glow

-eye shadow brush

-super glossy lip shine w/spf 15 in candlelight


-Covergirl toasted kernesse

MK signature

-creme lipstick

-cheek color duet

M Lab

-Anti aging blemish control

-Anti aging day treatment

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