Friday, March 20, 2009

Recap + new smell good!

I have a new follower,HELLO!Thanks for tuning in!The interview i had on wednesday seemed to go pretty good.I interviewed with another girl who had waayyy too many similarites as myself.She lives on my street,is 1 of 7 siblings,husband has been in the Air Force for a little over a year and is also from California.CREEPY!I wasn't sure exactly where she lived on my street because i'm not too much into the neighbors but she lives right across the street..[weird].Anywhooooo..Ron is doing his training and was gone for 2 days this week and i was sad about it.Next week he's going to be gone for the about 4 days..[tear].

Today i also entered a giveaway on Ashley's blog she does alot of good reviews on products that are new to the market.Check her out!

On a lighter we all know,i'm obsessed with smell goods and i have fallen in love yet again with Febreeze noticeables plug ins..They really do have a good range as far as smell,i'm going to invest in about 2 or 3 had the hawaiian aloha which i had in the spray can but it didn't really work for me,so i have the new springtime winds and simple moments combo.LOVE IT!

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  1. Interview for a job? Good luck!
    I'm in desperate need for one myself. lol

    LOL. That reminds me of the Febreeze commercials.