Sunday, March 8, 2009


So,today i was HELLA mad.I got into it with my house guest who is gone now.
I feel as if when you leave a persons home,you should leave it how it was when you arrived.
Not the case in this situation,as you all know from previous blogs..i am a clean freak when it comes to the household.I keep it clean,i do a thorough cleaning every weekend faithfully.
I get in the room to go get the blankets to wash them..i see cans of formula,an apple juice,and a wipe container.To make matters worse,there were stains on the brand new futon.UGH.Then when i asked why things were left like that i get an attitude and an arguement resulted..some people have no respect freal.NEVER AGAIN.Mark my words!

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  1. You should take a photo of the mess then send copies so they can see. Matter of fact send copies of how the room looks after you clean too. Then make it policy to take a picture of the room before your next guest comes and let em know, hey this is not a hotel, leave this room as close to the way you found it or better.