Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Saturday pt.2

So,we ended up going to Hooters..hmm..I wasn't feeling it.I've heard alot about their wings being sooo good and all that,i beg to differ.I could rant on and on about what was wrong there but i'm not even going to go into detail.I did take a few pics though!Lol
Ron looks all

As we were leaving the sun was setting and it was beautiful so i had to take a quick pic and off to some nearby outlets we went!

After a nice day in Colorado we headed out to the movies so i snapped a few shots while i freshened up my makeup and hairI had on my HELLO KITTY robe Rai, on Lique?ooh yes!I decided i might as well put some on,its only every blue moon that i do..


  1. Aw, Hooters sucked? Maybe it was just the cooking there. Who knows.

    That picture of the sunset is so pretty.
    LOL! I want a Hello Kitty robe. =[
    I was about to get it this one day and they told me not to because it was "too hot for a robe." LMAO Cute jacket, btw.