Monday, April 6, 2009

Sucker for sales + wknd

This weekend was filled with an interesting time!Friday,a blizzard came and we were pretty much snowed in..the snow was outrageous!I busted my ass twice going home from my friends drunk..12.-15 shots..WHOOOO!I got my hair done at J.C. penny's and bought a few mizani products..i didn't take pictures but i love their products!I also ordered some Torani syrup offline which i use for Italian sodas!YAYE ME!Sunday was a chill day and on to the events of today..

I got my foot tattoo touched up,i meant to only get 2 of the letters redone and a word corrected but my tat artist decided to do some background shading..i took it well until it was all foot was in some serious pain!Its swollen and throbbing..i'll put pics up when it heals..SOOOO..on to the sales!

I was in the mall with my friend Lisa and we stumbled across Bath & Body Works..i saw a sale sign so i had to walk in!Home Sprays for $3!I decided to get 3,

Wild Honeysuckle

Sandalwood Vanilla

Passionfruit Guava

along with a new fragrance that's about to come out,White Citrus..the small bottle of lotion was $1!

Then off to Vickie's Secret we went!I went to see what was on sale and i saw a 3 for $24 sale which they usually have and i got:

Romantic Wish body spray

Sweet temptation body spray

Endless Love Shower Gel

If you spend at least $10 you recieve a card with a secret reward amount on it,in the amount of either $10,$50,$100 or $500,the offer ended today and the cards can be use from April 7th until May 10th..i hope i get lucky with a high amount!!!!

These are the cards..i have 2 because i went back to the store later on and bought more stuff!lol

Lisa and I had went back and i saw a 75%off bin!I went crazy!I got 5 things,for only $10!!

Romantic Wish Shower Gel

Forever Romance Shower Gel

Pure seduction shower Gel

Enchanted Apple body spray

Midnight Mimosa body spray

Hurry and get to your local V.S before all the goodies run out!I'm going to check those cards tomorrow to see what i have to spend!

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  1. Sorry you fell on your tushie! 8-)
    Take photos!